Single Mom? You’re not Alone in this Struggle!

When you are faced with the prospect of single parenthood, the challenges can seem daunting. Sitigmas and stereotypes, which have been around for years, make the idea of becoming a single mother even more overwhelming.

By supporting one another, and understanding simple methods to take back control of our lives, single mothers everywhere can achieve and accomplish anything and everything. Every woman has it within herself to succeed and thrive when it comes to single motherhood. Because every woman already has the ability to slay dragons coming her way. 

Single Mom…Slaying It! is the helping hand to guide empowered women on their way to success in the new world of single motherhood. It is a starting guide and support system for single moms looking to level up and accomplish their goals to prove that there is nothing single moms can’t do.

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- Andrea

Reviews from Our Awesome Readers!

Spoke to Me - Chase
Andrea Pearson's new book - Singe Mom Slaying it - has alot of great examples as to what we "Single PARENTS" go through along with our children when the "BIG D" takes place! Personally I enjoy the example of feeling the stigma of how people look at you when YOU become the newly divorced parent. For me, one thing I always ensured, was my house was clean and organized - I never wanted to give anyone a reason to think, oh what a mess - well she's a single mom! No! - we must rise to the challenge and be/do our best. Learn to adapt and move forward with positivity and learn to Co-Parent in a healthy manner for our children.
Empowering - Dale Cooper
Engaging and informational book! Great tips on how to navigate life. Great to read if you find yourself considering divorce or are newly single.
Honest and straighforward single mom = super mom!
As a single mom myself I was very Leary of reading her book as my story is quite different from hers as my child’s father has never been a part of my sons life and I have picked up the finances and emotions and everything on my own. This book hit home for me knowing that I am not alone doing it alone it could be just as much of a struggle to do it or more of a struggle to do it in many different senses. I loved how she speaks straight from the heart and no hidden messages. I like straightforward, honest and blunt.
A great read and powerful resource for single moms.
Andrea is a powerful storyteller. She took all her life experiences of being a single mom and put it to work to bring hope and potential to all single moms out there. Her love of women as champions for themselves and their children comes through so loud and clear. This is a great reference book that everyone who is a mom should have as it brings to life the fact that single moms are superheros!! Love love it.

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